The best way to be successful is to make others successful
— Deepak Chopra

Happy Clients


I am honoured to recommend Charlie to anyone looking to grow personally, professionally in a warm, relational, and persevering manner. I love that I always felt supported (never felt criticism or condescension) in areas that took me longer than I would have wished. I also love that she pushed enough to help me achieve my goals without getting stuck. In Charlie I had a "safe place" to bounce ideas and gain wise insights and methods, without practicing on my organization. Charlie is a Jewel!

— Jessi Goss, junior leader

I highly recommend Charlie as an excellent Business Coach! I have been involved with her coaching process for several years now. Since this involvement I have seen our process, morale and overall success improve dramatically. She is extremely positive, and yet realistic at the same time. She has helped our team in ways which are working for our business and ways we can make changes that will give us that can give us a much more seamless process. I am also impressed by her skills to include personal and health goals as part of our overall well being. I cannot imagine the future without her excellent guidance!

— Janie Bullard, Owner

Charlie helped me see that I was crowding my life and not taking the time to create space for me to think, to be, to live, to dream, to capture my passion and my vision. She gave me permissions in areas where I needed and redirected me when I got off path. She corrected me in areas I was avoiding, that as a leader, I had to own. After assisting me over weeks to capture my vision, my why, and my unique talents, she showed me how to communicate the vision to our team and identify the core values that represented our culture. This communication has become a daily new language that we all speak from and are united in working together to achieve. Subtle and yet powerful. Critical and yet sensible. Profound and yet I still ask myself, after 40 years, why did I wait so long to get a coach? Now I cannot imagine not having one.

— Liz Sutton, Owner

You can never invest in yourself too much. There are so many things you don't know you don't know - she can help you shed light on those and approach life with a renewed perspective. Knowing yourself is extremely powerful since it's the foundation for true high performance in your life.

— Sean Eikerman,Business Coach


Charlie has a unique ability of which words can't describe. Her intuitive skill and connective ability "to get" and understand a client's innate need many times before the client understands themselves. I have known Charlie for over 10 years as she was my advisor in a masters level entrepreneurial coaching program. Astounded by the ease in which she helped guide me, I asked her to be my personal coach. Her experience of advising hundreds of high level entrepreneurs over the years has given her qualifications few people can match

— Michael Marchand, Business Owner

What is so special about Charlie’s approach is her range of coaching. She can coach on a corporate and leadership level in a business setting, but also at a really deep spiritual level that ranges in something that I can get with a counsellor or with any business coach. I think that there is something quite unique in the holistic approach that she is taking.

— Julie tremblay, General Manager at Red Academy

It's too easy to let fear and procrastination stop you from moving ahead - Charlie puts practical processes in place to take important steps while naming the fears and helping me to acknowledge and move past them. She does this in a holistic way that aligns with my goals to have a greater purpose than running a business.

— Nanci Corrigan, Founder at C3Inc.

Her ability to break things down and get to the root of problems was what attracted me the most. I didn’t want someone who would just listen to my complaints, I wanted someone to help me figure out why I felt this way and how we could make a lasting change. With weekly homework that had me focus on myself, my relationships, and my feelings in various aspects; Charlie was able to make a lasting impact on my life. I love the fact that Charlie’s work is extremely goal orientated to the individual.

— Darren Mann, Professional actor