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Upcoming Workshops in Vancouver: 

True Power

A powerful vision creation session for 17-23 year old men. The guests identify their key strengths, design a vision with a strategic action plan accompanied by successful habits to support implementation. 

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The Team Performance Transformer

Through a customizable process specifically crafted for your unique team this service transforms your culture, employee engagement, increases performance, improves quality of life and causes a massive SHIFT in the areas we are focusing on. You'll soon find yourself in a happier, more energized, high-performance team! 

The Leadership Amplifier is a customized and powerful process that identifies opportunities and what is in the way of your leadership and leadership team becoming a high-performance super team. 


  • Enhance brainstorming skills to work towards implementing the vision

  • Improve effectiveness in identifying areas of action

  • Shift mindset and improve personal results

  • Decrease stress and improve quality of life

  • Surge of energy and joy in day to day performance

Available in 12 week packages, upon application acceptance only.

About Private Coaching:

It is possible for us to fall out of alignment with what we want and, in turn, this creates a waste in time and energy without a clear vision and an empowering mindset to help us stay the course and stay in action.

Private performance coaching provides you with a clear picture of your vision and keeps you in action to powerfully generate results with velocity. We will go to work on identifying what you want, determining what’s in the way and transforming any self-limiting beliefs that may be delaying your progress.