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What is your calling in life?

For Charlie, it’s fostering leaders, cultivating high performers and causing an expansion of loving leadership on the planet. Charlie is a specialist in creating space, helping people discover their true power and become leaders of their lives. And she has been doing that for over a decade.

Charlie started out in her career coaching high level entrepreneurs, leaders and their teams. She became intrigued with the connection between human performance and spirituality, and thus embarked on a journey of deep self discovery and studied subjects all the way from cognitive behavioural therapy to zen buddhism and is now the founder and Head Coach of her own company.

She practices transformative mindset coaching and she is passionate about changing how we communicate and relate to each other, eliminating waste in organizations, and creating space in people’s lives. Charlie works with everyone from organizations to solo entrepreneurs, as well as individuals. She has created powerful methods that can identify the blocks in your life and help you unlock your authentic self and guide you to new pathways for action.

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Private Coaching

Customized coaching based on initial complimentary sessions.

Available in 3, 6 or 12 month packages, upon application acceptance.