With nearly a decade of providing coaching for high-performing founders, teams and individuals, Charlie has captured the visions of her clients and empowered them to the finish line with extraordinary execution strategies. Charlie got her start coaching at the reputable company The Strategic Coach where she supported thousands of already successful founders, leaders and teams in creating exponential results for established entrepreneurial organizations.  Here she discovered her ability to provide people with access to measurable improvements in their results, quality of life and a renewed experience of themselves and their capabilities. She went on to launch her own coaching and consulting practice, and in 2016  she founded Coachable Initiatives. Through her coaching with leaders and teams she has caused breakthrough transformation in people’s relationships, business growth, company culture, employee engagement and personal lives. Over the years she found herself inspired by coaching the people who want to transform the world through their work. She is on a mission to impact a billion people’s lives, she knows that there is power in numbers, and if she is to succeed we must do it together.