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About Charlie & Services


What is your calling in life?

For Charlie, it’s fostering leaders, cultivating high performers and causing an expansion of loving leadership on the planet. Charlie is a specialist in creating space, helping people discover their true power and become leaders of their lives. And she has been doing that for over a decade.

Charlie started out in her career coaching high level entrepreneurs, leaders and their teams. She became intrigued with the connection between human performance and spirituality, and thus embarked on a journey of deep self discovery and studied subjects all the way from cognitive behavioural therapy to zen buddhism and is now the founder and Head Coach of her own company.

She practices transformative mindset coaching and she is passionate about changing how we communicate and relate to each other, eliminating waste in organizations, and creating space in people’s lives. Charlie works with everyone from organizations to solo entrepreneurs, as well as individuals. She has created powerful methods that can identify the blocks in your life and help you unlock your authentic self and guide you to new pathways for action.

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Charlie is a game changer. She provided such clarity and focus for me and my manager. The weekly calls provided accountability and progress along with help when setbacks occured given the nature of being in business and managing other people. Charlie has sound advice and provided us with a language and understanding to clear the cobwebs and make space so we could perform as leaders.
— Liz Sutton, CEO Sutton, Planning
What is so special about Charlie’s approach is her range of coaching. She can coach on a corporate and leadership level in a business setting, but also at a really deep spiritual level that ranges in something that I can get with a counselor or with any business coach. I think that there is something quite unique in the holistic approach that she is taking.
— Julie Tremblay, General Manager RED Academy Vancouver
Charlie has a unique ability of which words can’t describe. Her intuitive skill and connective ability “to get” and understand a client’s innate need many times before the client understands themselves. I have known Charlie for over 10 years as she was my advisor in a masters level entrepreneurial coaching program. Astounded by the ease with which she helped guide me, I asked her to be my personal coach. Her experience of advising hundreds of high-level entrepreneurs over the years has given her qualifications few people can match.
— Michael Marchand, Founder, CEO of Whitehurst Farms
She’s got a tremendous talent to get to the core of issues and recommend helpful steps to get tangible positive outcomes. You can never invest in yourself too much. There are so many things you don’t know you don’t know - she can help you shed light on those and approach life with a renewed perspective. Knowing yourself is extremely powerful since it’s the foundation for true high performance in your life.
— Sean Eikerman, Consultant
This past summer I decided that I wanted to focus on bettering myself, so that I could enjoy each day to its fullest.

I looked at multiple options for whom I could seek help and guidance from while I travelled along this journey. Ultimately, Charlie stood out to me as the ultimate candidate to guide me down this path to a fuller, happier, and freer life. Her ability to break things down and get to the root of problems was what attracted me the most. I didn’t want someone who would just listen to my complaints, I wanted someone to help me figure out why I felt this way and how we could make a lasting change. With weekly homework that had me focus on myself, my relationships, and my feelings in various aspects; Charlie was able to make a lasting impact on my life. I love the fact that Charlie’s work is extremely goal orientated to the individual. Not only were her sessions thorough and focused, she was also always there to take a 5 minute phone call to reset me when I had hit a roadblock or dead end.

I would highly recommend Charlie to anyone looking to live their best life. Through her strategic coaching I believe Charlie can help anyone wanting to take that next step to reach their highest potential and ultimate happiness.
— Darren Mann, Professional Actor
It’s too easy to let fear and procrastination stop you from moving ahead. Charlie puts practical processes in place to take important steps while naming the fears and helping me to acknowledge and move past them. She does this in a holistic way that aligns with my goals to have a greater purpose than running a business.
— Nanci Corrigan, President Channel 3 Communications
She has an ability to focus and distill things down into what is important and reflect back information in a way that is unparalleled.
— Matthew Mandell, Managing Partner GAM Payments
Charlie has a confidence and sense of humor that puts anyone at ease, and she genuinely cares about her clients - in all areas of their lives
— Melanie Woodward, Entrepreneur
I have been able set the goals I want to achieve and determine the best way in which to achieve them. Her knowledge and guidance is invaluable.
— Rachael Blessit, Support Partner at Distinctive Journeys